Unique Mobile OS (Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox, MeeGo...)

Closer look at the similarities and differences between various Linux-based mobile OS from the past 10 years; focusing mostly on UI and non-mainstream (unique) operating systems. This video covers: Tizen, MeeGo, WebOS, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Mobile, Asha OS, Bada OS, Symbian, and Blackberry OS. Find Tizen devices: Find MeeGo/Sailfish devices: Find WebOS devices: Find Firefox OS/KaiOS devices: Find Asha OS devices: Find Blackberry OS devices: Details: Tizen is a mobile operating system developed by The Linux Foundation that runs on a wide range of Samsung devices, including smartphones; tablets; in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices; smart televisions; smart cameras; smartwatches; Blu-ray players and smart home appliances. MeeGo is a Linux distribution hosted by the Linux Foundation, using source code from the operating systems Moblin (produced by Intel) and Maemo (produced by Nokia). Primarily targeted at mobile devices and information appliances in the consumer electronics market, MeeGo was designed to act as an operating system for hardware platforms such as netbooks, tablet computers, mobile computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, SmartTV, smart phones, and other embedded systems. webOS is a Linux kernel-based multitasking operating system for smart devices such as smart TVs and it has been used as a mobile operating system. Initially developed by Palm, Inc. (which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard), HP made the platform open source, at which point it became Open webOS. The operating system was later sold to LG Electronics. Firefox OS (project name: Boot to Gecko) was an open-source operating system – made for smartphones, tablet computers and smart TVs – designed by Mozilla and external contributors. It is based on the rendering engine of the Firefox web browser, Gecko, and on the Linux kernel. It was first commercially released in 2013. The applications use open standards and approaches such as JavaScript and HTML5, a robust privilege model, and open web APIs. The Nokia Asha platform is a mobile operating system (OS) and computing platform designed for low-end borderline smartphones, based on software from Smarterphone which was acquired by Nokia. The platform inherits UI similarities from Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo, and replaces Series 40 on Nokia's low-end devices.The user interface design team was headed by Peter Skillman, who had worked previously on webOS and the design of MeeGo. Apps for the platform are either made using Java ME, or as web apps, which are rendered by the Nokia Xpress browser which uses the Gecko rendering engine. BlackBerry 10 is a proprietary mobile operating system for the BlackBerry line of smartphones, both developed by BlackBerry Limited (formerly Research In Motion). BlackBerry 10 is based on QNX, a Unix-like operating system. It supports the application framework Qt and in some later models features Android runtime. Symbian is a discontinued mobile operating system (OS) and computing platform designed for smartphones. Symbian was originally developed as a closed-source OS for PDAs in 1998 by the Symbian Ltd. consortium. Symbian OS was a descendant of Psion's EPOC, and ran exclusively on ARM processors.

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Aren't you all sad to see that there are only 2 mobile operating systems today?
erriezzans Lounge
poor symbian..if only they can hold little bit longer and taste snapdragon processor
Alfian Rachman
Nokia's symbian was ahead of time, even in 2010 they have always on display feature already 🤣🤣
The Incognito
Am i the only one who feels sad and sympathetic to all these dead os.?. 😥
Ashraful Alam
Symbian was not based on Linux ! It had its own kernel.
mehmet gurdal
Meego was the best man. Better than most of the others.
Daniel Piotrowski
For me Meego is the best !! :)
Satyam Mishra
When You Find Android Pie Like Recents with Dock In One Of These Old OS😆😆
Abdul Rehman R
The BlackBerry bold had BBOS 7 not 10
Andrei Predescu
What a said irony there is at the end of this video. Came here to see the development of Sailfish OS by the way. But you were like: it is difficult to survive in such a crowded mobile OS landscape. And at the moment we have 2 main ones. Hopefully we'll see more. I truly hope KDE Plasma Mobile thingy will become a bit more popular. Also, Ubuntu Touch isn't completely dead. It's still being supported by the community at UBPorts ;-). So it's kind of... On life support.
Dude you dont know what you are talking about. Asha is a series of phones not the OS. OS is called s40 it is one of the oldest Nokia systems, Asha phones were running its latest iteration, or rather complete rewrite. It is not webOS, it is not Meego but next time you read wikipedia entry try to read it with comprehension (wikipedia only says people working in those project worked on Asha phones and ui resembles Meego - which is true since those people were jobless after new CEO canned all the new OS projects, like Meego and unnamed linux QT based OS). S40 was an OS for low end phones while the more expensive phones were running on Symbian. Asha phones came out after Meego but it has nothing to do with either Linux or Symbian. Most of the apps were good old javaME apps, the widgets were afterthought since they didn't really have same robust api like for java apps had and they didn't work that well due to spec of the phones.
Caius Cassius
the good old times, even android manufacturers had different skins, now all are turning to the same material design looking stock android,
Branislav Avramovic
Is there a chance that you can review the latest Sailfish OS 3?
Parth Patel
Sailfish os is best
Aria D
That specific BlackBerry runs OS7 though, which was something of its thing instead of QNX
BadaOS is actually an interesting OS I owned a Samsung Jet and it had enough CPU power to make it boot into Android. I hacked my bootloader that it would permanently boot from SD Card and I had a beautiful Android 2.* / Cyanogenmod 7.1 phone that only had problems with FM Radio and the mobile data connection but after all, it was Android and that's what I really enojed while running this OS. It gave me enough time to save money for about 3 years and buy my first Android smartphone which was the LG E460 Optimus L5 II and it was running Android 4.0.1 Still own both of the phones but I don't use them anymore since they're too slow, I'm already owning an Xiaomi Smartphone with Android 9 and although I need a secondary phone, I gonna wait till Librem 5 Linux smartphone gets released
From all the unique operating systems, I wish Sailfish would succeed the most. It has a pleasing look, quite intuitive to use & runs very smooth even on older stuff.
Still love the OS the J2me Sony Ericssons had.
I want an OS for my phone I can trust. I'm willing to give up functionality for having all software Open Source.
Tawé Lo
*3:00* 😂😭
Joel Robert Justiawan
This is your daily dose of Recommendation Unique novely smartphone OS Linux smartphone OS yay
This was very interesting. Seeing i got into the smart phone game around 2008/9 with a Blackberry. I still have old Bestbuy mobile catalogs from that time period. Its cool to see how far we come along.
I have an ZTE Axon M with Windows 7 🤘🤘
KDE make a phone OS and it's still in development
Alhassan Moses
ubuntu mobile seemed so good, what went wrong...
Anthony Tumiwa
so... when u purchase and review Sailfish OS device? i bought one from india for less than $100 before (intex aquafish)
Arko Rayhan
Rip windows (Nokia lumia 820)!!! Love their live tiles and secure clean smooth experience!
Forgot Windows Phone 8, I had two of those phones. Loved the tiles.
Man I remember I had a Samsung wave 525 that ran BadaOS, and it was SO good, it still works !
My favorite portable Linux system back in the day was Maemo OS
I've had FirefoxOS phone as well as SailfishOS Jolla phone.
7:55 Windows Mobile has no official YouTube application =D
Nokia 501... my dream phone STILL in 2019. (I use a GS7) just want a 501
Yanu Amandayu
symbian we will miss you so much 😢
Zulham Syahputra
Meego comeback pls
Titan Lax
To be honest tizen os is actually android os heavily skinned by Samsung.... It natively supports android apps
This Bb is an old model. Newer ones had realy different OS which was more like Meego with Hub. I really miss Blackberry 10 OS
I too am trying to build such a nice collection
WebOS seems so smooth
Martin Pal Mezei
Firefox OS <3
Ahmet Latif Karaca
The best OS s are these for me: Blackberry OS 10,Symbian,Ubuntu and Firefox
Kojo K
I learnt Tizen had many security loopholes is it true?
Asha shares ZERO DNA with webos. Where did you get that incorrect information from?
I miss Asha :( it was cute
lol awn
What model is that small nokia phone (3:50)? I just knew nokia phones have always on displays 😂
Kuribo Kutsu
Never forget, that Android is, too, Linux kernel based, albeit Tizen is much closer to "usual" Linux then Android.
Why Sailfish os ui icons are ugly? I thought Sailfish is descendant of Meego/Harmattan.
Jevon Sims
Elements of all of these OS' live on in Android and iOS. Looking forward to seeing Huawei's new Ark OS.
Adil Alkanzy
Tizen and web OS seems works well.
Firefox OS was a good idea, shame it couldn't be revelant against Android and iOS. HTML5 webapps are so much more practical than regular apps.
Маяк ХР
i never use ubuntu touch 😭
Bojan Glamocak
im still missing my MAEMO5 experience... i have the n900 (purchased in 2009) single core (600mHz) and 1gb ram (256mb physical and 768 virtually/whatever that means!) and still it runs as good as last years flagships... the screen wasnt made of glass... but thats the only downside
Khaerul Jamal
Wow, you have all on your collection
Jim Y
i had high hopes on MeeGo but Nokia mistakenly abandoned it, then Ubuntu but manufacturers preferred Android. There must be alternatives to Android as it became more like a Google service only phone
Horus Molina
Funny, in the past few days I had been wondering what were the differences between the many different mobile OS that popped up over the years. Very good and informative video, thanks.
I'm gonna miss my old BlackBerry Curve 9220 (the 2G EDGE variant of the 9320) so much.
Nhat Ke
Hi ! Bro. Im from vietnam ! So ... Can you name all the devices on the table? please ! Bro !!!
Kings Gamer
Blackberry is a world's best phone
Ranet Blood
i got my os H5 OS for happy phone happy co.
Sufyan Siddiqui
I’m tired of seeing Android and iOS. I want a change. I want something new to dominate the markets.
Great collection bro
Skylark Phoenix
Mmmm.. Well.. Samsung z2 has tizen configuration You can check it out! And I still own one
D.u.d.e Inc.
You know what... ANDROID IS A LINUX.
Bradley Stewart
Windows 7 Theme on the ZTE Axon M w/Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth Wireless Mouse🤘
Dustin M
Kinda a shame some of these failed and we ended up stuck with just android and ios I remember looking up to firefox os and bb10 hoping they'd succeed i wasn't around at symbian era but I remember sometime earlier this year (2019) i was looking around for info about symbian and i seen a user comment on an old news article about symbian from about i think 2010, the comment went on about how symbian wouldn't fail and how it would recover, unfortunete for the user behind that comment he was ended up very wrong and symbian eventually flopped entirely from my searching symbian looked like it was a decent system shame it had some bad luck around 2009-2012ish that caused it to die out (i wonder what changes in history it would take for symbian to have a different fate tbh) also speaking of alternate platforms (perticularly linux based ones) it might be worth taking a look at purisms librem 5, its a current in progress project and their goal is to make a pure linux based phone with privacy at its core Whether or not it'll succeed idk, but i am hopeful as it looks interesting
Michael Peterson
Technically mostly inaccurate.
Sailfish? Well?
Supermike Rodanas
Lineage OS?
Musically Viral Videos
please donate me that firefox phone :( i love it so much never had a chance @osreviews
gabriele clemente pirozzi
Plasma mobile?
BeastlyGamer Dude
I had a Nokia N9, I only used it for the music that was downloaded on it because it could'nt do anything lol
Ubuntu had 2 hardware partners that sold a phone with ubuntu preinstalled
Legit Plays
Samsung now uses Tizen on some of their TVs
Anthony Ellis
WebOS lives!! It lives! bwahahahahahahaha! bwahahahaha!
I find the way you pronounce "especially" very annoying.
daraka 1
And they are fastee than many Android versions
Imran Hossen
Sony Ericsson where
Here to shed a tear for webOS, the single most innovative mobile OS of the early smartphone era.
dhimas dwi prasetyo
Why not review symbian on nokia phone?
Abdulsalam Olaide
To me Meego is beautiful fast and simple
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Basicly android is from linux programing for smartphone.. with root as administrator..
Gros Lait
iOS is the best because iOS has lowest touchscreen latency
Dan Momanyi
one of the best reviews.i enjoyed this trip back, upvote for meego which is the best ever
Darsan dev s
You should include kai os also
Avesta Bagheri
realy nice. thanks!!
Alterate Awful
Java Os was interesting
Cahya Himawan
you forget the nokia's N900 Maemo Platform
Mark Sobers
A key selling point for these phone is just stop calling the new mobile operating system (OS)
Qny Zrev
I'm looking for a privacy, security-focused mobile OS. I am more sensitive to privacy than the Edward Snowden incident. The OS is good for open source. Which one is the best?
Nokia N series should be continued.....with their own os's..
Anju Daniel
Is the android based on linux too?
Shillong view guest house
I've used Firefox , tizen , Symbian , blackberry
Divyesh Parmar
You didn't even mention Jolla!
Jim Y
i had high hopes for my Nokia N9 back in the days, but could resist iPhone
Aditya Saradi
meego / maemo?
Its kind of weird that i actually went through a few of these Symbian: Nokia C6 Asha: Nokia Asha Meego: Nokia N9 Bada: samsung wave(forgot which one) yes, i was a nokia fanboy. the battery life and camera was fantastic at the time. i was not disatisfied with them. battery is great too. i remember my nokia C6 lasting more than a few days on a single charge plus i have an extra battery so i didnt have problems with it.(i had a Nokia Lumia 720 which got jacked from me. it was my favorite phone too ) some of my past phones were Alcatel flash 2, Sony Xperia Neo V, Huawei GR5 2017, a free phone from a local service provider(the one with the T9 keyboard and black and orange screen), a something xpress music nokia phone, a random china phone immitation which acts like an iphone but is a slider(idk why i bought that lol) nokia C3(was just given to me) and a nokia phone which i forgot the name. it looks like a 2003 model with a camera. it has mms features and a realy tiny screen. i think it hast GPRS connection (LOL) it looks like a 3210.
Yeah Right
asha is basically reskined Nokia's proprietary s40 OS on touch screen
Supermike Rodanas
Lineage OS?
Wïńdöws Më
let meego
Dost Arkadaş
TouchWiz is still very slow even with Symbian OS